Fuel System

We will give you both sides of the fuel pump debate and let you decide which way to go.

Frame-Mounted Fuel Pump

In the blue corner we have the frame-mounted pump.
PRO This is easy to install and easy to replace if the need ever arises. It is best to mount these as close to the tank as possible.
CON Those in the red corner will contend that these pumps go out more frequently and that they do not like to pull the gas out of the tank when they are run dry. We have never experienced these problems first hand.

In-Tank-Mounted Fuel Pump

Now in the red corner we have the fuel pump mounted in the tank. You will need a special tank for this set up.
PRO The red corner claims that these are much more reliable than frame mounted units and fuel pick up is never a problem because the pump is right in the tank.
CON The blue corner will say the in-tank pumps are more prone to malfunction and it is a major pain to replace on the trail if necessary. You would have to drop the whole tank or have a cover made on the inside of the Bronco to allow access to the pump. The in-tank set up also costs considerably more.

We have heard from different Ford techs who are on both sides of this debate, so the choice is yours.