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Early Bronco Proportioning Valve

Early Bronco Disc Brake Proportioning Valves

The proportioning valve is an integral component of any 66-77 Ford Bronco disc brake setup. At Wild Horses 4x4, we offer two styles of prop valve for your classic Bronco. The most popular option is our MOAB Adjustable Proportioning Valve. This valve fits the factory 76-77 Bronco prop valve bracket or can be installed using a drop bracket off the master cylinder. The adjustment knob on this valve allows you to dial your brakes in just the way you want them.
Early Bronco Proportioning Valve

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MOAB Combination/Proportioning Valve
MOAB Combination/Proportioning Valve Item: 3035
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Proportioning Valve
Proportioning Valve Item: 3037
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Proportioning Valve Fitting Kit
Proportioning Valve Fitting Kit Item: 3039
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