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Early Bronco Fuel Pumps

Early Bronco Fuel Pumps: Carbureted & EFI

All 66-77 Ford Broncos were carbureted from the factory. A mechanical fuel pump was mounted to the driver side of the engine to pump gas up to the carburetor. If you are replacing this fuel pump with an inline or in-tank fuel pump, you will need to purchase a fuel pump block-off plate to fill the void left by the old mechanical pump.

When eliminating the stock mechanical fuel pump, you can install a frame-mounted pump or an in-tank fuel pump. We will share the pros and cons for each so you can decide which option is best for your Bronco.

Frame-Mounted Fuel Pump

When installing a frame-mounted fuel pump in your early Bronco, it is recommended to mount it as close to the fuel tank as possible.
PROS: Easy to install and easy to replace if the need arises. This setup is generally less costly than an in-tank fuel pump.
CONS: Some will contend do not like to pull gas from the tank when they are run dry. We have not experienced this problem first hand. Frame-mounted fuel pumps are generally a bit louder than in-tank pumps due to the lack of insulation provided by the tank and fuel.

In-Tank-Mounted Fuel Pump

Installing an in-tank fuel pump in your early Bronco will require a special gas tank for this set up.
PROS:Reduced risk of fuel starvation. Insulated by tank and fuel resulting in cooler and quieter operation.
CONS:Requires special fuel tank increasing cost exponentially. More difficult to replace or service, requiring the tank to be dropped unless you make an access cover inside the Bronco to allow access to the pump.

There are arguments to be had on both sides of the fuel pump debate. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make based on what matters the most in your situation.
Early Bronco Fuel Pumps

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