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Early Bronco Fuel Caps & Covers

Early Bronco Gas Caps

Replacement and upgraded gas caps for 66-77 Ford Bronco. The early Bronco came with one of three styles of gas cap from the factory. All 66-76 Ford Bronco gas caps were visible on the left side of the Bronco. The factory caps were 3.25" diameter and were generally painted body color to match the Bronco.

Early Bronco Gas Cap Identification: Short Reach vs Long Reach
66-70 Ford Broncos used a short reach fuel cap, where 71-76 Ford Broncos had a long reach cap. This reference to short reach and long reach is referring to the distance from the sealing gasket on the back of the gas cap to the retainer tabs that hold the cap to the fuel filler neck. The tabs on a short reach cap sit about 1/4 inch from the gasket, where the long reach tabs are about 1/2 inch out.

1977 Ford Bronco Gas Caps
The last stock gas cap found on early Broncos was only used on 1977 Ford Broncos. The 1977 Bronco had fuel doors that hid the gas cap inside the quarter panel. Because of this, Ford used a fuel cap with tabs on the front of it to make gripping the cap easier inside the fuel door bucket. This gas cap was more economical and did not get painted to match the Bronco as it was not visible on the outside of the vehicle.
Early Bronco Fuel Caps & Covers

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Gas Cap Vented, 1977 Bronco
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