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Early Bronco Motor Mounts

Early Bronco Motor Mounts

Thanks to the system of motor mounts holding your engine firmly in place, the power created by your engine smoothly transfers its way to the tires without the vehicle rattling itself apart from vibration or the engine twisting its way through the hood. The stock mounting system usually consists of two metal parts bonded together with a rubber insulator in between. This simultaneously holds the engine to the frame while allowing a small amount of movement which absorbs and prevents the engine vibration from transferring to the rest of the vehicle.

Just like tires, kick balls, floor mats or anything else made of rubber that takes a beating, motor mounts can also wear out and fail. Time and thousands of stops and starts take their toll on the rubber holding the metal of the motor mounts together. The rubber can crack, become spongy or just plain fall apart. Oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, or any other leaking liquid falling down on the engine mount will accelerate this process.

Engine power modifications, off-road, and overly spirited driving can overcome the original design specifications of the motor mount and cause torque-induced motor mount failure. If there's a whole lot of shaking, thunking and clunking coming from under the hood when you put the pedal to the metal, then it may be time to inspect and replace the motor mounts. If the engine is small, a good two-handed push or heave-ho may reveal way too much movement, and daylight shining through the two halves of the broken mount.

You may need a jack and various blocks of wood in order for you to check for broken motor mounts. If a broken or cracked mount is found, chances are the others have been overstressed and are on their way out as well. Also keep in mind that, along with the usual two engine mounts, you will probably want to check or replace the transfer case cross member mounts as well.
Early Bronco Motor Mounts

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