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Early Bronco Power Steering Pulleys

Crank and water pump pulleys

The number one option you will need to consider when converting to power steering is crank and water pump pulleys. If your Bronco is running single groove pulleys you will need to add double groove pulleys in order to run the power steering pump. The inside groove (closest to the motor) will run your alternator and the outside groove (closest to the fan blade) will run the steering pump. It would be rare, but some early Broncos may be running an air supply pump as part of the emissions controls, off the double groove crank and water pump pulleys. If so you will need the double groove alternator pulley. This will enable you to run the air pump off of the alternator like the 74-77 Broncos.

Hard Core Billet Aluminum Pulleys

Our new Hard Core billet aluminum pulleys have a distinct advantage over others, mainly the clear hard anodizing feature. This gives our pulleys the charcoal color, but more importantly keeps the belts from wearing grooves into the pulleys which is common on powder coated aluminum pulleys. New matching power steering pump pulley is also available.

Early Bronco Power Steering Pulleys

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