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Early Bronco Automatic Transmissions

Early Bronco Automatic Transmission

The only automatic transmission offered for the early Bronco was the Ford C4 3 speed. These were available from the factory from 1973-1977. These are great transmissions for most of your daily around town routines. We have several repair parts that relate to the stock C4 automatic as well as adapter kits to swap out the stock manual for a C4 auto trans.

Early Bronco Automatic Transmission Conversion

For early Bronco owners looking to get a bit more out of their Bronco, we offer adapters for a variety of early Bronco automatic transmission conversions. We have adapter kits and components to help you upgrade your classic Bronco to a Ford C6, AOD, AOD-E or 4R70W automatic or the popular GM 700R4. We also have parts to swap in a Ford 6R80 automatic (used commonly in Coyote swaps).

Early Bronco Automatic Transmissions