Long Range Fuel Tanks

Early Bronco 23-gallon Fuel Tanks

If you own an early Bronco, you're likely familiar with the constant worry about running out of fuel. The original early Bronco fuel tanks only hold about 21 gallons - 13 gallons in the main fuel tank, 8 gallons in the front auxiliary tank. To make matters worse, some early Broncos don't have a front auxiliary tank, leaving you with a measly 13 gallons.

We tackled this problem head-on by creating our M1A1 Stainless 23-gallon Early Bronco Fuel Tank. It fits all 66-77 Ford Broncos and provides more fuel capacity than both the front auxiliary and rear main gas tanks combined. For an even longer range, you can use the M1A1 23-gallon early Bronco fuel tank alongside the factory front auxiliary tank.

High Capacity, Long Range Fuel Tank for 66-77 Ford Bronco