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Totally Stainless

Totally Stainless

WH is pleased to announce the addition of "Totally Stainless" stainless steel fasteners to our line of products. Stainless steel is superior to chrome plating because it won't crack or peel as it isn't surface coating but the very substance from which the fastener is made. We offer complete body kits in hex or indented hex styles. This is absolutely the way to go if you are working on a frame up project that you want to get years of enjoyment from. Don't skimp on fasteners you won't be disappointed.

Each body kit contains the following: Front and rear stock bumper kit, battery box and horn, interior kit (111 pieces), heater to firewall, washer tank kit, starter solenoid and relay kit, radiator support kit, lenses kit, rear axle bump stop kit, door strap kit, cowl vent kit, door jam, latch and catch kit, steering column mount and bezel kit, windshield retaining kit, inner door panel kit, seat mount kit, master cyl. kit, hood hinges, latch and catch kit, door hinge kit, tailgate kit and front fender kit.

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