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Vacuum Brake Systems

Ford saw the need for power brakes on the early Bronco. Power brakes were optional for the 1976 and '77 model years. A vacuum booster did the grunt work in the system. That's when the stock tire size was 78-15 (small). WILD HORSES offers Power Brake Systems for 66-77 early Ford Broncos. Vacuum power brake systems give you better brake pedal feel, and require less leg pressure to apply the brakes.

Hydroboost Brake Systems

Today there are a whole lot of us who choose to run large tires (33's, 35's, 37's, 40's etc.) and we want good brakes too! The vacuum boosters are just inadequate for our needs.

When we installed our first Hydro system we were literally shocked at how well it worked. You will be too! The WH Hydroboost System consists of all brand new parts. Nothing rebuilt! An adapter plate is used to bolt the system into the stock holes in your firewall. We recommend choosing a complete system for its convenience and hassle free installation.

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