Power Brake Conversion Kits

Early Bronco Vacuum Power Brake Conversion Kits

Ford saw the need for power brakes on the early Bronco and we couldn't agree more. Upgrading a 66-77 Ford Bronco to power brakes is easily the best early Bronco upgrade for the money. Power brakes became an option for the classic Ford Bronco in 1976 and 1977 model years. The option was so popular, that it was rare to see a 76-77 Bronco leave the assembly line without this upgrade. The stock early Bronco power brake system featured a vacuum brake booster that added brake assist using vacuum from a port in the engines intake manifold. That's when the stock tire size was 78-15 (small). Wild Horses 4x4 offers OE-quality power brake systems for early Ford Broncos. These vacuum power brake systems give you better brake pedal feel, and require less leg pressure to apply the brakes. They can be added to a 66-75 Ford Bronco to convert from manual non-assisted brakes.

Early Bronco Hydroboost Power Brake Conversion Kits

Today the majority of early Bronco owners choose to run larger tires on our Broncos (33's, 35's, 37's, 40's etc.). Running oversized tires puts added strain on the braking system, and the vacuum boosters are just not up to the task. A hydroboost power brake conversion is the best option for early Broncos running 33" or larger tires. Hydroboost brake boosters get their power from a hydraulic pump. This is much more effective and reliable than pulling power from vacuum like stock early Bronco brake boosters.

When we installed our first hydroboost brake conversion in a classic Ford Bronco, we were shocked at how well it worked. You will be too! The Wild Horses Hydroboost Brake System consists of all new parts. Nothing rebuilt! An adapter plate is used to bolt the system into the stock holes in your firewall. We recommend choosing a complete hydroboost system for its convenience and hassle free installation.