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Full Size Bronco Steering

Steering Components for 73-79 F150 and 78-79 Ford Broncos.

Steering Trouble Shooting

Problem : Excessive play at the steering wheel.
Have an alignment shop check the caster. You may need new C-bushings. Also check the tie rod and drag link. Make sure box is tight to the frame. If it's not, it can move on the frame and cause the steering to feel loose. The frame takes a great deal of pressure where the steering box mounts to it, and can become weak or even begin to crack. NEVER ADJUST THE SO-CALLED "PLAY ADJUSTING SCREW" ON THE TOP OF THE STEERING BOX MORE THAN ONE TURN IN. ALL THIS DOES IS JAM THE SECTOR SHAFT INTO THE PISTON AND THAT WILL CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE BOX.

Problem : Shimmying or shaking front end. Also known as the dreaded DEATH WOBBLE.
The number one culprit of this is worn-out upper trac bar bushings. Check the trac bar bolt and the bolt hole. Also replace or repair as necessary. Worn-out or out of balance tires will also cause this problem. Front end wheel bearings should be checked and greased regularly.
Full Size Bronco Steering