Early Bronco Clutch Kits & Flywheels

Early Bronco Clutch Kits

We have basic and deluxe versions of all our early Bronco clutch kits. The basic kits are generally what you see advertised elsewhere. Our deluxe 66-77 Ford Bronco clutch kits include all the related components that you would normally want to replace when putting in a new clutch (throwout bearing, pilot bearing and pressure plate bolts)

Centerforce Performance Clutches: The Centerforce weighted clutch system works better than any stock clutch can because it utilizes a higher force (centrifugal force). The progressive holding power actually increases as the RPM increases.

LUK Early Bronco Clutches: LUK clutches have one of the best reputations in the market place. These are perfect for stock Bronco motors. Basic kit includes pressure plate, clutch disc, pilot bushing and throwout bearing. The deluxe kit also includes a pilot bearing and pressure plate bolts.

Diaphragm Style Clutch Kits for 66-77 Ford Bronco: Both our Centerforce and LUK early Bronco clutch kits use diaphragm type pressure plates. These pressure plates are far superior to the factory early Bronco three-finger lever type clutch pressure plate. These pressure plates have fewer moving parts, resulting in lighter weight and less wear. They require less pedal effort, increasing driver comfort. Most importantly, the 18 finger diaphragm on these clutches produces a more even plate load as the disc assembly wears, resulting in an extreme reduction in noise and clutch chatter.