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Early Bronco Brake Hoses

Early Bronco Brake Hoses manufactured by Wild Horses, Inc.

We manufacture our rubber and stainless steel brake hose assemblies in-house using state of the art equipment and the highest quality materials available.

When it comes to brake hoses for your classic Ford Bronco, there is no better option than Wild Horses 4x4. When comparing our early Bronco brake hoses to those of our competitors, the distinction in materials, quality, and construction becomes unmistakably evident. While many advertise DOT "approved" or "certified" brake hoses, it's essential to be aware of the facts. The Department of Transportation has officially accepted and recorded our designation symbol "*359." This submission aligns with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 106 for brake hoses. Our symbol is securely crimped into each OEM-style end fitting, as mandated by No. 106, establishing Wild Horses Inc. as the manufacturer of the brake hose assemblies you see here. Simply put, our brake hose assemblies are meticulously crafted to meet the specifications outlined in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 106 for Brake hoses.

OEM-Style Rubber Brake Hoses for 66-77 Ford Bronco

Our rubber hoses are designed to be direct replacements for your stock early Bronco brake hoses. Our end fittings are virtually identical to the OEM end fittings. They are cad plated to add corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel Braided Early Bronco Brake Hoses

Our stainless steel braided hoses have a clear jacket with printed lay lines. The clear jacket protects the stainless hose and keeps out the dirt and grime that causes ordinary hoses to deteriorate faster. With each hose assembly we use rubber support inserts between the coupler and hose. This enables the assembly to function properly under constant movement and vibration.

For longer front and rear brake hoses designed for Broncos with suspension lifts, select our part #1459.
Early Bronco Brake Hoses

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Custom Brake Pedal Push Rod
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