Some time ago on the Rubicon, I managed to turn my 77 "Y" style tie rod and drag link into a twisted mess. After that experience, I decided to use the earlier 66-75 system. The problem was that it wasn't long enough and the tapers in the steering knuckles and pitman arm are not the same as the 76-77.

Our custom tie rods are "T" style and have additional adjusting points to help you dial-in your steering system. This is especially helpful on lifted Broncos. The complete systems are three-way adjustable and include tie rod and drag link. The two-way adjustable are tie rods only.

If you are converting a "Y" system, you will need the #2390 Three-Way Adjustable. If you are installing a 76-77 Bronco front end in a 66-75, you can get by with the #2403.

F150 Knuckle Custom Tie Rods
A very popular disc brake conversion is to get everything from the knuckles out off a 76-79 F150 or 78-79 Bronco. This is all great until you go to hook up your old tie rod and find the tapered studs are too small to fit the new knuckles. We can address this problem with a #2382 set of tapered sleeves which will allow you to use your 66-75 tie rods or we have a #2380 two-way adjustable tie rod which will bolt right in.

Tie Rod Over Knuckle
It's very popular these days to move the tie rod to the top of the steering knuckles. Who wouldn't want to get the tie rod out of the way of tie rod bending obstacles? You need to remember when you do this you are affecting the front end geometry (drag link to track bar angles). We take call after call from people who do these conversions and find that their Broncos no longer handle properly.

Here are some things to consider when doing a tie rod over conversion. First, when you move the tie rod to the top of the Bronco steering knuckle you are moving it about 3" up. This can cause interference with existing aftermarket trac bar drop brackets. When you decide to remove the drop bracket to allow for clearance on the new tie rod over system, you might find you need to move the trac bar mount up on the front end to maintain good angles between the drag link and trac bar which in turn will maintain good street driving characteristics.

On lifts up to about 3 1/2" the tie rod over conversion will normally eliminate the need for a drop pitman arm and may necessitate the installation of a stock pitman arm in order to maintain proper handling. We offer a tapered reamer which will allow you to ream your existing knuckles from the top down.

Use our #2380 F150 Two-Way Adjustable Tie Rod or our F150 Sleeves with your existing #2364 tie rod to convert to a tie rod over system.

PLEASE NOTE: All two-way adjustable tie rods can be used for tie rod over systems with proper modifications to the knuckles.
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