Tie Rods & Drag Links

Early Bronco Steering Linkage

There were two styles of steering linkage offered on the early Bronco. The 66-75 Ford Bronco steering linkage is commonly referred to as T-style steering linkage. In this type, the drag link comes down from the pitman arm and tees into the tie rod assembly which spans the full width from left to right steering knuckle. For 76-77 Ford Bronco year models, Ford went to disc brakes and changed the steering knuckles to support this. The new knuckles sat wider than 66-75 Bronco knuckles and had a smaller taper for the tie rod ends. The tie rods and drag link designed to accommodate the new 76-77 Ford Bronco knuckles is commonly referred to as Y-style steering linkage.

Wild Horses offers custom steering linkage kits for a variety of applications. You can replace the factory Y-style 76-77 Bronco steering linkage with a T-style version. We also offer an upgrade to the stock T-style tie rods that features three adjusting points as opposed to the original Bronco's single adjustment sleeve. For maximum off-road strength and performance, go all out and pick up a Clydesdale early Bronco steering linkage kit featuring 1 5/8" DOM center links and replaceable tie rod cartridges.