Early Broncos came with perfectly adequate brake systems for their time. The problem is that period of time was 40 years ago. Now add much larger and heavier than stock tires and rims into the mix and you would be lucky to get your truck to stop by slamming into an immovable object (tree, house, parked big rig). One of the best and most important upgrades you can make to your truck is a much more modern disc brake swap. We have them for both the front and rear.

Front Disc Brake Kits

Want to add some WHOA to your Bronco's get up and go? You will be happy to know that the WH front disc brake kit will work on the Dana 30 or the Dana 44. This means you can install the brakes on your 30 and if you upgrade to a 44 in the future you can just transfer the brakes over to the new front end. You will have noticeably improved braking characteristics over the stock four wheel drum setup. Our kits use ALL NEW parts, nothing is used or rebuilt and there are no added core charges.

The standard kit comes comes with caliper brackets, calipers, pads, spindles, assembled hub and rotors with bearing races installed, hoses, hardware, and instructions.

Standard with wheel bearing is the second option.

The deluxe kit consists of the standard kit and also includes the pressure valve and fittings.

The super deluxe kit includes the pressure valve and fitting kit with wheel bearings.

So you may be wondering why wheel bearings are optional. You will be glad to know you can use the same wheel bearings you have now. We recommend you replace the wheel bearings at the time of the disc install unless you have replaced them recently.

Use the pressure valve if you are going to run front disc and rear drum brakes. With discs on the front and rear, you can either reuse your stock valve or go to our proportioning valve for that setup as well.