203 Super Crawler Info

The heart of the Wild Horses Super Crawler is the virtually indestructible New Process 203 range box. The NP 203 is a chain driven transfercase. They are found in 71-79 Dodges, 71-79 GMs and 77-79 Fords.

Because of the ease of adaptability for our Bronco application we use the 23 spline Dodge version of the 203. The GM version is basically the same but will have a 27, 10 or 32 spline input.

The Ford version is a mirror image of the Dodge and GM, which for our application would make all the shifters interfere with each other. The Ford version uses a 31 spline input.

The only part of the NP 203 that we use is what we call the range box. It is the 2:1 gear driven section of the 203. So you're thinking what good will this do for me? It's very simple, it will double your low range in any gear with one shift.

You will need to supply your own Dodge 203. We have found them for as little as $50 and no more than $150 in local wrecking yards.

We now offer a number of partial kits for do-it-yourselfers who want to make their own shifters and cross members or hook up other transmissions or transfercases. Here is our current listing of what we have available.