Chassis Wiring Harnesses

Chassis Wiring Harnesses

How To Choose The Right Harness For Your Vehicle

Check the category for the make of your car or truck first to see if there are any specific model wiring harnesses listed for your vehicle. If not, one of the proven universal kits is your best choice. These kits are designed to be used on a wide range of vehicle types.

All of the Painless kits come ready to install. The problems have been thought out for you and the kits were designed to be truly Painless.

The 12 circuit kits will cover the most basic chassis wiring needs. If your car or truck will have additional electrical accessories such as power windows, door locks or other creature comforts, you will want an 18 circuit harness. Remember that you may want to install these items some time in the future, so now is the time to provide wiring by installing the 18 circuit harness.

There is one other consideration that is important: Is your ignition switch on the steering column or in the dash? Use the designated "for GM steering column" for early style "keyed" steering columns from GM. All kits come with more than enough wire and terminals, etc. to do the job. You route and cut to suit your vehicle's needs.

Other specialty harnesses are also available such as the 14-Circuit Remote Mount Micro Fuse Harnesses, Trunk Mount Chassis Harnesses, Muscle Car Harnesseses, Weatherproof Harnesses, and Extreme Off-Road Harnesses.