Windshield Wiper Parts

Early Bronco Wiper Motor Assembly & Windshield Wipers

66-68 Ford Bronco Wipers: Ford Broncos from 1966 to 1968 came equipped with two vacuum operated wiper motors at the windshield frame. These wiper motors received vacuum power from the fuel pump. Early Bronco vacuum wiper motors were activated by a lever on each of the motors. These motors are not ideal and are known for losing power as the motor is under load.

69-77 Ford Bronco Wipers: For the 1969 Bronco year model and through 1977, Ford transitioned to a single, two-speed electric wiper motor with transmission linkage to turn the arms and blades. This system synchronized the left and right wiper blades and was much more reliable than the early Bronco vacuum wipers.

At this point, most 66-68 Ford Broncos have been converted to electric wipers, either by using stock 69-77 Bronco wiper parts or with aftermarket early Bronco electric wiper motor conversion kits. Note that 66-68 Bronco vacuum wiper windshield frames, the holes for the wiper arms are in slightly different locations than on the 69-77 Ford Bronco electric wiper windshield frame.