AX15 Deluxe Kit with Brand New Transmission For 66-72 Bronco T-Shift Dana 20

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The AX15 five speed overdrive transmission is a top shifting, overdrive transmission with the shifter located in the rear section of the transmission. The transmission is able to handle the torque and horsepower of most V8s. This conversion requires zero driveshaft modifications. All of this makes it the perfect choice for swapping into your early Bronco. At WH we use only brand new AX15s in our conversion kits. This deluxe version of the AX15 kit includes a new Centerforce II presure plate, throwout bearing and pressure plate bolts. Our feeling is you might as well replace these items while you are in there. So unless you have recently replaced the clutch go with this deluxe kit.

Like most transmission conversions a 1" body lift will allow for a much easier installation.

The AX15 is fully synchronized in all gears. Gear ratios: First-3.83, Second-2.33, Third-1.44, Fourth-1.00, OD/Fifth-0.79.

Factory manuals call for 75W90 GL-3 or GL-4 Synthetic gear oil for the AX15 transmission.

If your Bronco has a 10" clutch and flywheel setup (the 10" was stock on early 66 V8 Broncos), you will need to upgrade to the 11" clutch and flywheel. This deluxe kit comes with the clutch parts, you can find the flywheels here.

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AX15 Deluxe Kit with Brand New Transmission For 66-72 Bronco T-Shift Dana 20
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Outstanding Upgrade
Mar 10, 2021  |  By Mike Richards
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This is a great choice for a transmission upgrade. The deluxe kit is the only way to go. But what makes this choice even better is the support from Wildhorses. My kit was missing a couple of pieces and the instructions and the Wildhorses folks took care of me right away. Once I had the instructions, I found they were extremely lacking. That's where Jim's video comes in. It was greatly detailed and seeing him do the conversion helped a lot. It saved me a lot if time and grief. Watch the video. My only problem was the input shaft spacer. At 1:46 and 2:37 into the video Jim mentions a "spacer" when assembling the input shaft. At 2:52 into the video it disappears and is not mentioned again after he lists the pieces in the input shaft assembly. I called and asked about it. I even called Advance Adapters and asked. No one seems to know what this thing is. Yet it appears in the video twice before its not. The reason I ask, is I have one. It was in the bottom of the case with the 13 roller bearings that fell out on disassembly. If anyone knows what it is I would love to hear about. Other than that, I couldn't be happier and I appreciate all the help from the guys at Wildhorses including helping me get this kit when the supply of new transmissions was scarce.

Worked great
Oct 16, 2018  |  By Charles Baker
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Transmission and adapter kit arrived quickly, was reasonably simple to install if you are mechanically inclined (assuming you wouldn't try a swap if you weren't) Makes the old bronco drive much better than the old 3 speed, shifter is in a much better location, overall an excellent upgrade.