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MOAB HydroBoost Power Brake System SKU: 2988

MOAB HydroBoost Power Brake System

MOAB HydroBoost Power Brake System

MOAB HydroBoost Power Brake System
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$1,662.88 SKU: 2988
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The BEST Hydroboost Power Brake System on the Market.

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The BEST Hydroboost Power Brake System on the Market.

WILD HORSES new MOAB Hydroboost power brake system takes the early Bronco Hydroboost kit to the ultimate level. We left no stone unturned in the design of this system. It can be used as a stand-alone kit or in conjunction with any of the front and rear drum or disc brake options we offer. High-end precision components make up the MOAB starting with the billet firewall mounting bracket set (zero fender modifications required) followed by a brand new booster. Next we attach a new Wilwood Tandem Aluminum master cylinder. Stainless steel hard lines and a prop valve drop bracket tie the adjustable proportioning valve into the side of the master cylinder. From there we use stainless steel braided, precision-made, flexible hoses which go into our custom stainless steel frame bracket. The frame bracket holds the flexible hoses in the perfect location to allow installation into the existing stock hard lines on the frame with no adapters.

Choose 66 ONLY, 76-77 or 67-75 Bronco
If you have a 1966 Bronco with the original single reservoir master cylinder or the 1976-1977 you will need some additional parts (included when you make selection). Be sure to choose the correct year for your application.

Wilwood Tandem Aluminum master cylinder
Light weight, precision machined, elegant presentation

New (not rebuilt) Hydroboost unit
Adjustable proportioning valve
Easy accessibility with infinite adjustment so you can dial in the perfect brake

Stainless steel braided flex hoses
Custom high tech flexible hoses provide ease of installation.

Zero fender modifications required

The MOAB is a system worthy of todays custom builds.

More info.
  • Our system will not clear 5.0 or 5.8 EFI with the air cleaner and throttle body mounted on the driver's side.
    See the "Before and After" pictures in the Firewall Cutout Installation Guide below and note the modified section.


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Instruction 2


Instruction 3


Instruction 4

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California residents: Proposition 65 Warning


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Scott Newton
Reviewed 01/19/2023
I have owned over a dozen Broncos and this is the first time I have ever installed and used a Hydroboost brake setup. The difference between standard power brakes and Hydroboost are night & day, and I am only running a 30" tire (just happen to have a lot of h.p. and need to be able to stop quickly and easily).

Jamie Williams
Reviewed 02/07/2022
Got this because I installed new disc brakes on all 4-corners of the Bronco, and was totally unhappy with the results, while using the vacuum booster with my new disc. This Hydra-Boost is the only way to go, what a difference! My Bronco has the best brakes now, it stops on a dime. I highly recommend you getting this setup, if you're tired of guessing when your Bronco is gonna stop when you mash the pedal.

Reviewed 09/02/2021
After installing a Blueprint 408 I realized this new engine does not make enough vacuum to run my brake booster. After talking to several friends the Hyroboost was the only way to go! I ordered it. Installed it per the directions and WOW! I can darn near stand my Bronco on its nose! Super awesome product from the best guys in the business for bronco parts!

Floyd Morrison
Reviewed 04/12/2021
fit perfect

Chris Abacherli
Reviewed 07/12/2021
Very easy to install

Reviewed 08/31/2020
I struggled to get even marginal braking with 32s and a vacuum booster. The brakes were weak even after going to disks on all four corners. It always felt like I had a little air in the lines even though I had bled them over and over. This kit CHANGED EVERYTHING. It is a night and day difference. The install was pretty straight forward, It took me an afternoon lazy wrenching to get it put on. Now my 74 bronco stops so well that the brakes on my brand new vehicles pale in comparison.

Barry Barnhart
Reviewed 03/23/2020
Just finished installing this on my 76 Bronco. Directions were well done easy to follow. Good pictures to help answer questions. I have had poor breaking with my last 2 engines due to high compression. This system works great. Took me about 6 hours total to install. Needed to make a small adjustment to the proportioning valve and you need to make sure you get all the air from the power steering system or you will get a bad pedal feel while the motor is running. Every part fit great the system was well thought out. I would buy this again in a second.

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