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Early Bronco NV4500 5-Speed Manual Transmission

If you thought you couldn't have a super low geared rock crawler that would still do 70 MPH on the freeway without winding the motor at 4000 rpm, think again! With the NV 4500 you get the best of both worlds. For crawling, you get a low 5.61 first gear, and for getting to and from the trail you have a .73 overdrive fifth gear. Look fo an NV 4500 from a Dodge 4x4 gas (not diesel) truck. Make sure you get one with the tail housing.

Tech Items: The NV 4500 weighs about 195 pounds. It requires 9.5 pints of oil and has a maximum GVW of 14,500 pounds. The approximate foot/pound rating is 450 pounds. The maximum gross capacity weight is 19,000 pounds.

Modifications: Whether you are replacing an automatic (C-4) or a manual (3 speed Bronco or NP 435 4 speed) transmission the complete NV 4500 assembly will be 2" longer than your old assembly. This will require driveline modifications. The tunnel cover will need to be cut out for clearance for the transmission and shifter. You will need to fabricate a new sheet metal cover for the hole.

Dana 20 T-shift: The T-case shifter bracket will allow you to use your stock or aftermarket T-shifter and the stock linkage. Slight modifications will be needed to fit twin sticks.

The NV 4500 will allow you to spend less time at the gas pump and more time in the fast lane.

NV 4500 Transmission Installation Instructions

NV 4500 Conversion Components

Wild Horses supports the do-it-yourselfer by offering parts and adapters. Please keep in mind many of these parts have been specifically fabricated to go with other parts we offer. It will be up to you to determine if these parts will suit your needs.
Early Bronco NV4500 5-Speed Manual Transmission

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