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Early Bronco 3-Speed Manual Transmission

Early Bronco 3-speed Manual Transmission Identification

There were three different 3-speed manual transmissions offered in the classic Ford Bronco. Two of them were used for 289 and 302 V8 applications. These were the RAT and RAN transmissions. These two transmissions were interchangeable so long as you used the appropriate adapter housing. The RAT 3-speed transmission used an adapter housing that measured 8-7/8" from flange to flange. The RAN 3-speed transmission's housing measured 9-3/8" long. This was due to the variance in case lengths of the transmissions themselves. The third option was a HEF 3-speed transmission. This was a smaller transmission than the RAT or RAN and was used only with the Ford 170 and 200 cubic inch straight six-cylinder engines.

To identify which early Bronco 3-speed transmission you have, you can find a tag on the right side of the transmission near the front where it bolts to the bellhousing. You should see the letters RAT, RAN or HEF there.
Early Bronco 3-Speed Manual Transmission

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