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How to Fix Early Bronco Lean WILD HORSES Crew Spotlight Shawn Simpson Sales & Customer Service

My name is Shawn Simpson. I've been with Wild Horses for about two years now. I've been into four wheeling for quite some time. Owned my first Broncos around 1992. I had a jeep before that. I ended up selling my first bronco and went quite a few years without four wheeling or having a bronco. Then I picked up my 67 which I've had for about 13 years now and built that up and now I'm building my wife 66Bronco. I also own a 6 Gen bronco that I'm still working out.

I've been involved for quite some time with the bronco industry and working on cars for quite a few years now. I spent most of my youth growing up in a bronco. I had about six buddies who all owned four wheelers. We all loved getting out and going up into the back country and trails.

I grew up in Sacramento so I spent a lot of time up there playing around camps and just really enjoying my youthful days. Now a few of us have Broncos and we still go up on trails. We still enjoy spending time together. Now we bring all the families together and hit the trail which is what the community is really all about.

Steve Long of Oklahoma flexing his early Bronco. Shop Early Bronco Body Lifts