WH Bronco Cooler Staggered 4 Cores #5010

All radiators are not created equal and that is especially true when it comes to EB 4 cores. WH uses an exclusive staggered core design for improved air flow around the tubes. The way we have our 4 cores made allows them to fit in the stock 3 core mounts. That means not only do you get a superior design but you don't have to buy additional mounting brackets. There are no core charges because the entire radiator is brand spanking new.

Tri-Pass Option #5011

Over the years manufacturers have built versions of the tri-pass radiator for racing in an effort to obtain maximum temperature drop in small or limited space. Core design and adequate air flow are the most important aspects for obtaining maximum temperature drop from radiator inlet to outlet. By building internal walls in the radiator, the coolant is rerouted to pass through the radiator three times resulting in three separate exposures to temperature dropping airflow, with little or no adverse flow restriction. Please note that with the Tri-Pass option an external transmission cooler will need to be used if you are running an automatic transmission.

No Core Charges - All New Construction