Stock Power Steering Pump

Are you tired of having armstrong steering?

Maybe you're afraid to drive the Bronco because the stock manual steering is so worn out you can hardly keep the thing on the road. You might have even tried a rebuilt manual box but you found it has as much play as the old one you turned in for a core. Could be it's time to make that Bronco drive the way you always wanted it to by converting to power steering. We know our customers use their rigs in many different ways, therefore, we offer a number of different P/S systems so that you can pick the system best suited for your Bronco. No matter what the terrain, we have a system for you.

For the best possible performance WH recommends using SWEPCO 715 POWER STEERING/HYDRAULIC OIL in all of our steering components.
Pump Pulley Tech
All of WH's Delphi pumps use a .750 shaft with a press fit pulley. The stock Bronco P/S shaft is approx. .690 so the pulleys are not interchangeable. If you are going to be removing and installing P/S pump pulleys we recommend our #9203 pump & alternator pulley remover & installer.
Serpentine Pulley Tech
The serpentine pulleys come uninstalled. You will need to mount the pump to the bracket before you can install the serp. pulley. Our #9203 pump pulley remover & installer or equivalent will be necessary.