NV3550 5-speed Manual Transmission

The New Ventures 3550 Five Speed Overdrive Transmission is a great swap for many Bronco owners. It is rated at 300 ft./lbs. at 7200 GVW. It weighs only 97 lbs. The gearing of the NV 3550 makes it an excellent on and off-road transmission. The shifting is much less truck-like than its big brother the NV 4500. It has a smoother, more sporty feel. If you want to get up and move quick off the line, the 4.01 first gear will help you do just that! The rest of the gearing is as follows: 2nd 2.32, 3rd 1.40, 4th 1.00, 5th 0.78. The NV 3550 has daily-driver written all over it!

A great thing about this conversion is that no driveshaft modifications are needed because the overall length is within 1/4" of the stock three speed and adapter.