Wild Horses is proud of our fender flares, "The Gorilla Warflares". It won't take you long to figure out why Bronco owners are going crazy over these flares. It's simple, they do not break. A classic look, larger openings, and almost indestructible material make for the most durable Bronco flare on the market. They can be installed in the regular position for the classic look or the extreme install (up to the body line) for all of you hard core wheelers. Customers have rolled, smashed and basically destroyed their Bronco's sheet metal and found out they could just remove the flare and reuse it on new metal. You just can't do that with fiberglass or other urethane flares on the market. Gorilla Warflares come only in black but they are paintable. They come with welting, mounting hardware and instructions.

Regular Install!

The Gorilla Warflares on the Altered Beast are in the regular position. The Gorilla Warflares are specifically designed and molded to be installed in this manner. The Extreme install is only an optional mounting position that may be preferred by some.

Extreme Install!

We have installed the Gorilla Warflares on the Nightmare Bronco in the highest and widest possible position. This Bronco uses only the rear fuel tank and the filler neck is behind the flare. It is attached to a spring to keep it in place. When we need to add fuel, we simply reach in and pull out the filler neck and then it tucks neatly back behind the flare when we are done.


It's a little difficult to give measurements for the Gorilla Warflares because of the ability of the installer to stretch and position the flares as they desire. You will see the difference between the regular and the extreme install that the flares can be stretched quite far. Remember these measurements are meant as examples only. It is up to the installer to achieve the desired look.

Regular install front outside to outside =49"
inside to inside=40"
Regular install rear outside to outside =51"
inside to inside=44"
Extreme install front outside to outside =51"
inside to inside=41"
Extreme install rear outside to outside =54"
inside to inside=46"

Jake Good KS put the Warflares to the test in 4 Wheel & Off-Roads' "Ultimate Adventure 2005" and many other trails. You can see from his sheet metal that he's not afraid to abuse the rig.

You would think the flares would be ripped to shreds but they're not.

This is not trick photography! These are actual photos of our flares twisted and tied in a knot! Try that with the other guy's flares. You better put on your safety glasses first! To the right, we show you the crush the flare with the 6000 lb. fork lift test. The result is also pictured. No damage!

Fiberglass Flares
If your Bronco spends most of the time on the street and you simply don't need the indestructibility of the Gorillas then our glass flares will be the ticket for you. They are sold in pairs and come with welting and rivets.