Body Lift Questions and Answers

Will installing a body lift weaken the body of my Bronco?
While body lifts on some vehicles may cause a problem, we don't find this to be true with the Bronco. However, we've seen sloppy installations of many good products, so care must be taken on any modification to insure proper installation. The Bronco body is mounted to the frame in eight spots. The second set back from the front seems to be the weakest spot. Sometimes we see the body bent down over the mount at this location on Broncos with no body lift. Perhaps this is from jumping the vehicle or sometimes there is excessive damage from rust. Body lift or not, the Bronco is still mounted in the same eight spots with the same amount of surface contact.

What additional things will I have to consider when installing a body lift?
This depends on the year and options of your Bronco, different things in this list will apply. Fan shroud relocation , clutch rod, shift rods, sometimes brake lines from master cylinder to valve, rear gas tank hoses, E-brake cables, steering shaft angles and possible bumper relocation.

Will I need to move the radiator?
Some people do opt to lower the radiator. We have never found this to be necessary and have never seen a temperature increase due to leaving the radiator in the original location. We opt to lower the fan shroud on the radiator and use a piece of sheet metal (fan shroud plate) to block off the lower part of the shroud so the air is still pulled through the shroud.

How hard is it to install a body lift?
We have a standard answer for this kind of question. It depends on your own abilities. We have done many installations here, so it seems fairly easy to us. The hardest part is getting the old rubber body mounts out (they're usually rusted together).

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