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Ron Davis Aluminum Radiators
When WH designed the first direct-fit Early Bronco aluminum radiator, we had one essential goal in mind, that was a "direct fit". No mods, no extra mounts, just drop it in and bolt it down. For the first few years we enjoyed being the only place that sold EB aluminum radiators.
The trend caught on due to the proven advantages in cooling performance of aluminum and soon radiators were available from many sources. Early in 2005 we were looking at radiators from six different manufacturers. One thing we noticed right away was the vast difference in quality from one to the next. With all of them sitting in front of us we examined and scrutinized each one. A few were kicked to the curb right away due to the plain ugly factor. Who wants to spend four or five hundred bucks on something that looks like a monkey welded it together?

Our original radiator was a direct fit but that took away from the core surface and capacity. With all other factors considered, we chose the Ron Davis product because it was hands down the best of the bunch! The kicker is that they designed the radiator to be used with stock mounts with only the slightest modification. Three versions are available: Stock V-8, F-100 which has more clearance for the F-100 box steering conversion and the serpentine version with reversed inlet and outlet for those running the 86-93 5.0 Mustang configuration. WH stocks all three versions with and without A/T coolers.

Ron Davis Racing Products

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Ron Davis O-Ring Radiator Drain Plug
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