Painless 28 Circuit Wiring Harness Without Switches



Painless 28-Circuit Direct Fit 1966-77 Bronco Harness without switches
The result of nearly two years of painstaking engineering, this harness is the most comprehensive, best designed system available anywhere. Designed with input from Bronco owners everywhere, this harness sets a new standard. Not just an update of the existing Bronco harness, this is a completely new harness from top to bottom. It includes a molded plastic glove box to replace the factory cardboard one. The new glove box contains a cutout which allows the 20- circuit covered weatherproof fuse block to be installed in the factory location. An additional 8-circuit covered weatherproof auxiliary fuse block is located under the dash near the 20-circuit fuse block location.

Other features include factory-style molded exterior light connectors, Ford turn signal connectors, Ford dimmer switch connector, and 80+ page instruction manual. This new harness follows the factory routing so installation is a breeze on any 1966-1977 Bronco.

Like all Painless harnesses, these come with the highest quality XL wire, factory machine crimps and the terminals and connectors you'll need for a successful installation. The straightforward design, printed wire and detailed instructions make that installation a breeze.

Painless Performance 28-Circuit chassis harnesses are the most comprehensive wiring harness available for your 1966-1977 Ford Bronco. Utilizing input from the early Bronco community and after months of research and development this new precedent in Bronco wiring has emerged.

    Features include:
  • Ford color coded wiring to match factory schematics
  • Full weatherproof design
  • Composite glove box for mounting the main 20 circuit weatherproof fuse block
  • 9 accessory wires pre-wired on individual circuits in the fuse block allow each harness to be custom tailored to each vehicle
  • 2 fused fuse blocks, a turn flasher and hazard flasher, and horn relay
  • Full color 80 plus page instruction manual
  • Full lifetime warranty

Number of Fuses: 23 Fuses w/ Horn Relay
Harness Length: Factory Fitment
Fuse Type: Mini Blade & Maxi Fuse
Firewall Passthrough: Multiple Grommet
Color Code Based: 1966 - 1977 Bronco
Circuit Designations: Printed Wire Tags on all Connectors and Printed on Wire for Open Ended Wires
Connectors Included: Hazard Flasher, Turn Flasher, Horn Relay, Heater Switch, Turn Switch, Wiper Motor, Dash Indicators, Lights and Instruments, Wiper Washer, Headlights, Park Lights, Turn Signals, Horn, Dimmer Switch, Voltage Regulator, Tail Lights and a parts kit that includes the neccessary factory Ford terminals to reuse factory connectors for the Headlight Switch, Ignition Switch, Wiper Switch, Dash Mounted Hazard Switch, Dash Label Lights, 1973-UP Turn Signal Switch, 1966-1967 Turn Switch, Brake Warning Light

    This harness includes circuits for:
  1. A/C & Heat
  2. Accessory #1 B+
  3. Accessory #2 B+
  4. Accessory #3 B+
  5. Accessory #4 B+
  6. Accessory #5 Switched B+
  7. Accessory #6 Switched B+
  8. Accessory #7 Switched B+
  9. Accessory #8 Switched B+
  10. Accessory #9 B+ In ACC. Position
  11. Backup Lights
  12. Brake Lights
  13. Charging
  14. Cigarette Lighter
  15. Dome and Courtesy Lights
  16. Electric Choke
  17. Emergency Flashers
  18. Fused Power Source
  19. Headlights
  20. Horn (Relay)
  21. Ignition Coil
  22. Instrument Panel Lighting and Gauges*
  23. Park Lights
  24. Radio/Clock (Constant and Switched)
  25. Starting
  26. Tail Lights and License Plate Light
  27. Turn Signals
  28. Wipers and Washer Pump
    * Including Wires For:
  • Aftermarket Tachometer
  • Ammeter
  • Brake Warning Light
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Fuel Tank Switch
  • Gear Indicator Light
  • Oil Gauge
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Voltmeter

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Please consider upgrading the headlight harness. The Bronco light switch can barely handle the current needed to run stock headlights. Many have had the flickering Bronco headlight syndrome. The stock headlight switch definitely can't handle the current needed to run modern H4 bulbs. The way the Bronco is wired, the power runs from the battery into the dash, branches off a few times, then into the headlight switch. The headlights are then drawing power from this switch. What that means is after all the voltage drops, you end up with lower voltage at the headlights. The Night Lighter harness uses a relay system to put direct battery voltage (often 14.4 volts) directly to your headlights creating a brighter light.

Plug the harness in and the old light switch activates the new harness and the load bearing relays to bring power from the battery directly to the headlights. WH recommends adding the Night Lighter to any stock or after market wiring harness.

* Please make selection

* Please consider the WH wire loom kit. It includes more then enough loom for the complete Bronco harness.

* Need the deluxe grounding kit?

Painless 28 Circuit Wiring Harness Without Switches
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