HD Delphi Pump Kit - F100-350 box

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Heavy Duty Delphi Pump Kit for F-100 or F-350 steering box
This kit includes a high pressure hose and a serpentine or V-pulley. The serpentine pulleys come uninstalled. You will need to mount the pump to the bracket before you can install the serpentine pulley. Our #9203 Pump Pulley Remover & Installer or equivalent will be necessary.

Do you really want to settle for a twenty-five year old rebuilt Saginaw pump? We hate defects. You hate defects. So, why buy used stuff when you can have new? Our heavy duty Delphi pumps put out more pressure and pump more GPM (gallons per minute) than the factory units and they have a large reservoir for added fluid capacity.

We now use plated reservoirs as a standard feature. Not only do they look better but the plating adds superior corrosion resistance. Now we also offer our pumps without pulleys for those who already have them. You can also get your pump with the pulley installed for you (V-pulley only).

A number of "kits" are available for the most popular Bronco applications. Pick and choose as little or as much as you need. Mounting hardware for use with WH bracketry is included with every pump. With some effort, these can be mounted to the stock aluminum pump bracket, but we recommend the #2039 Pump Bracket for a much quicker and cleaner install.

We sold rebuilt pumps for many years. We pulled our hair out trying to find a good source for rebuilt pumps. We used practically everyone in the business. No matter where we went, it was always the same - about one in ten didn't work right. With the volume of time and money spent on returns, this was unacceptable. Defects, even when handled correctly, do not reflect well for our customer service standards. For a long time, rebuilts were our only option. A few years ago, we received the opportunity to provide brand new pumps. We jumped on board wholeheartedly and have not looked back since. The pumps you see here are built exclusively for WILD HORSES. We are convinced you will not find better anywhere in the market place.

All of WH's Delphi pumps use a .750 shaft with a press fit pulley. The stock Bronco power steering shaft is approximately .690 so the pulleys are not interchangeable. If you are going to be removing and installing power steering pump pulleys, we recommend our #9203 pump & alternator pulley remover and installer. For the best possible performance, WILD HORSES recommends using power steering fluid in all of our steering components.

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
HD Delphi Pump Kit - F100-350 box
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