ALPINE Vacuum Boost Power Brake System

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Check out our mid level ALPINE vacuum power brake system. It's loaded with high quality components.
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Presenting the new WILD HORSES ALPINE vacuum boost power brake system. We felt the need for a mid level kit with the design of this system. It can be used as a stand alone kit or in conjunction with any of the front and rear drum or disc brake options we offer. Precision components make up the ALPINE system starting with the firewall mounting bracket (zero fender modifications required) then a full size Bendix style dual diaphragm vacuum booster. These units are very much like the stock 76-77 Bronco boosters. Next we attach a new heavy duty 1 1/8" bore master cylinder. Stainless steel hard lines and a prop valve drop bracket tie the adjustable proportioning valve into the side of the master cylinder. From there we use stainless steel braided precision made flexible hoses which go into our custom stainless steel frame bracket. The frame bracket holds the flexible hoses in the perfect location to allow installation into the existing stock hard lines on the frame with no adapters.

Choose 66 / 76-77 or 67-75 Bronco
If you have a 1966 Bronco with the original single reservoir master cylinder or the 1976-1977 you will need some additional stainless hard lines. Be sure to choose the correct year for your application.

Heavy Duty master cylinder
1 1/8" bore

Full size Bendix style booster
Dual diaphragm unit provides full power assist,

Adjustable proportioning valve
Easy accessibility with infinite adjustment so you can dial in the perfect brake

Stainless steel braided flex hoses
Custom high tech flexible hoses provide ease of installation with zero adapters

Zero fender modifications required

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
ALPINE Vacuum Boost Power Brake System
Item #: 2999NET