AX15 Deluxe Kit with Brand New Transmission and Twin Stick For 73-77 Bronco J-Shift Dana 20

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The AX15 five speed overdrive transmission is a top shifting, overdrive transmission with the shifter located in the rear section of the transmission. The transmission is able to handle the torque and horsepower of most V8s. This conversion requires zero driveshaft modifications. All of this makes it the perfect choice for swapping into your early Bronco. This kit includes one of our stainless steel twin stick transfer case shifters. The stock J-shift transfer case shifter is not compatible with the AX15. This deluxe version of the AX15 kit includes a new Centerforce II presure plate, throwout bearing and pressure plate bolts. Our feeling is you might as well replace these items while you are in there. So unless you have recently replaced the clutch go with this deluxe kit. At WH we use only brand new AX15s in our conversion kits.

Like most transmission conversions a 1" body lift will allow for a much easier installation.

The AX15 is fully synchronized in all gears. Gear ratios: First-3.83, Second-2.33, Third-1.44, Fourth-1.00, OD/Fifth-0.79.

Factory manuals call for 75W90 GL-3 or GL-4 Synthetic gear oil for the AX15 transmission.

If your Bronco has a 10" clutch and flywheel setup (the 10" was stock on early 66 V8 Broncos), you will need to upgrade to the 11" clutch and flywheel. This deluxe kit comes with the clutch parts, you can find the flywheels here.

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AX15 Deluxe Kit with Brand New Transmission and Twin Stick For 73-77 Bronco J-Shift Dana 20
Item #: 7225NET


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