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66-77 Ford Bronco Parts Wild Horses 4x4 is your early Bronco parts leader. Shop Early Bronco Parts Your 66-77 Ford Bronco Guide Early Bronco Knowledge Base Consider this your early Bronco encyclopedia. From how-to guides to Bronco history articles, instructional videos, and beyond, this list is your go-to destination for all things early Broncos.
Suspension & Steering Axle Wrap: What is it? How do I fix it? Axle wrap is a common problem in old Broncos. We have seen so-called traction bars in varying configurations. Many which don't work or cause serious ground clearance and travel reduction issues. We have the solution... UN-WRAP IT
How-To Guide Body Lift Basics: Why, What & How? A body lift kit can be a great benefit to your Bronco. Many four wheelers put a body lift kit on their 4X4 to get better clearance on the off-road trails but street drivers will enjoy the lift as well. But what am I getting into here? KNOW THE BASICS
How-To Guide Bronco Lean: How to Straighten it Out The early Bronco is notorious for leaning to one side or the other. While there are a variety of reasons this may happen, there are a few specific issues to look for that can typically help straighten out your Bronco's stance. GET IT STRAIGHT
Drivetrain: Manual Transmission Clutch Chatter: Identify & Correct It Does your rig have "Bucking Bronco Syndrome" ? Clutch chatter may be causing a vibration during acceleration, but this problem can also relate to several other problems that occur in the Bronco. STOP THE SHAKES
Ford Bronco History Concept Broncos: 1966 Dune Duster The 1966 Ford Bronco Dune Duster concept is possibly one of the coolest concept cars ever. These publicity releases from Ford have unlimited entertainment value if nothing else. DUST IT UP
Suspension & Steering Tech Death Wobble: As Scary As It Sounds You may have guessed by the name, but death wobble is no joke. The early Bronco didn't start out being known for 'hugging the road'. Add death wobble into the mix and you're in for the ride of your life ... what's left of it. KEEP ME ALIVE
Body: Weatherstrip Door Seals: How to Install Them Right We have heard many complaints of various early Bronco lower door seals not fitting properly. While it's true there are some really poor quality door seals out there, this issue can also be exacerbated by incorrect installation. DO THE RIGHT THING
Engine Identification Engine Basics: Early Bronco Motor Info Your starting point to learn about the factory engine options found in 66-77 Ford Broncos and how to identify them. From the 170cid inline six-cylinder to the unrivaled Ford 302 small block. We'll even dive into upgraded motor swaps just a bit. START YOUR ENGINES
Steering Tech Excessive Steering Play: Tighten It Up If you're like us, you want the Bronco to turn when you turn the steering wheel, not a second or two after. Excessive play in the steering wheel can be frustrating and even dangerous. Let us teach you how to fix it. STOP THE SLOP
Product Features IDIDIT Direct Fit Tilt Columns Want a tilt steering column but also want to keep the stock look and feel of your early Bronco. Wild Horses 4x4 has teamed up with IDIDIT to provide a solution that will blow you away. BLOW MY MIND
How-To Guide: Ignition Switch Ignition Switch Removal & Replacement How the heck do I get that out? This is too often the words uttered by early Bronco owners who just bought a new ignition switch and go to install it. Removal and replacement of the stock ignition switch is easy if you know how to do it. LEARN THE SECRET
Suspension Tech Lift Kits: Body Lift vs Suspension Lift What's the difference between a body lift and a suspension lift? And why should I choose one over the other? We'll dive into these age old question as body lifts and suspension lifts battle it out for your attention. ROUND ONE: FIGHT!
Early Bronco Lifestyle Off-Road Introduction: Adventure Awaits Ready to take your Bronco for its first off-road adventure? Whether you're hitting the local forest roads, or practicing to cross the Rubicon or tame the wild trails of Moab, we'll help you to be fully prepared for your off-road adventure. ADVENTURE AWAITS
Steering Tech Power Steering Pump Pulley Tech There's so much to know about power steering pump pulleys. No, really! We mean it! Fine, if you don't believe us, just click the link and we'll show you what we mean. You won't regret it. Unless you do, and then..... sorry. CHECK OUT THE HYPE
Ford Bronco History Publicity Release: 1966 Ford Bronco In August of 1965, Ford Motor Company released a series of PR's to announce the launch of the 1966 Ford Bronco. This archive of Ford PR's and images is iconic - and hilarious at times. SHOW ME THE ARCHIVE
Ford 9-inch Tech Rear Axle School: Ford 9-inch Tech All about the Ford 9-inch rear axle found on 66-77 Ford Broncos. This rear differential is the best consumer automotive rear axle on the planet. We'll tell you what you need to know to take full advantage of it. SCHOOL ME
Steering Tech Steering Shaft Mod: 3/4 Round to DD Modifying your factory 3/4 round steering shaft to fit a new 3/4 DD collapsible lower steering shaft doesn't have to be intimidating. Jim Creel, owner of Wild Horses 4x4, shows you how to make light work of this project. BREAK OUT THE GRINDER
Steering Tech Steering Tech: Troubleshooting Issues "Turn left to go right" should stay reserved for Pixar movies. When you drive your classic Ford Bronco, you want it to go where you tell it to go. This article will guide you through troubleshooting common early Bronco steering issues. TURN RIGHT TO GO RIGHT
Suspension Tech Suspension Tech: Early Bronco Lift Guide Lifting a classic Ford Bronco isn't the same as lifting a modern day truck or SUV. There are several considerations to be made before you pop a new set of coils and leafs on your early Bronco. This guide will get you headed in the right direction. LEVEL UP
Suspension & Steering Suspension & Handling: Unseparable The early Bronco front suspension is instrumental in how your Bronco handles on the road. When you mess with the suspension, it's common to see handling issues arise if it wasn't done right. We're here to make sure the duo of suspension & handling stays tight. LIFT, DON'T DRIFT
Wheels & Tires Tech Wheel Backspace: How to Measure The back spacing measurement is critical in the fitment of the wheel (and tire) to the Bronco. We'll explain how to measure wheel backspace and why this is such an important measurement to pay attention to. BREAK OUT THE TAPE
Wheels & Tires Tech Wheel Bolt Patterns: Ultimate Guide We wrote this article to teach you more about wheel bolt patterns than you ever thought you wanted to know. Why? Because we don't want you buying a new set of shoes for your Bronco just to find they don't fit. MAKE EM FIT
Suspension & Steering Wandering: Good for Nomads, Bad for Broncos Wandering from destination to destination can be exhilarating in a good way. Unless the destinations we're talking about are each side of the road, in which case the exhilaration isn't quite so healthy. Stop your Bronco from wandering unless you're telling it where to go. STEER ME STRAIGHT