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Thinking about making your first off-road riding adventure? Regardless of whether you're heading to your favorite fishing spot that's off the beaten path, or taking the family out for an afternoon off-road picnic, or going sightseeing for a day to a nearby waterfall -- you'll want to be fully prepared for your off-road riding adventure.

  • Become well trained in how to use your Bronco in off-road situations. For example, find a steep road with little traffic to practice starting, stopping, and turning around. The chances are high that you will be in an off-road situation where that practice will help you save your clutch from burning out.

  • Stock your vehicle with emergency supplies such as a small air compressor, some basic tools, a good jack, a roll of duct tape, a first aid kit, and water. Be sure to consider how you will recover if, heaven forbid, you should get stuck or roll your Bronco.

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good condition and ready for the off-road experience. Before leaving civilization, do a complete check of your vehicle. Make sure your tires (including the spare) are in good condition and inflated properly. Look under your vehicle for any leaks or mechanical problems. Make sure all of your fluids are topped off. Check the condition of your steering and brakes. Any repairs should be carried out before leaving home.

  • Ride with a buddy and recruit a buddy vehicle! If something happens, it may be a long way to the highway. You won't want to be alone and a buddy vehicle can either tow you out or go get help.

  • Tell a friend or neighbor where you are going and set a time to contact them to let them know you are okay. Don't forget to take along their phone number and the local sheriff's phone number in case of an emergency. And be sure to follow-through by calling at the pre-arranged time, so they don't send out the search teams to look for you!

  • Get a topographical or forestry service map of where you are going and highlight the area you will be exploring. Leave a copy of that map with your friend or neighbor mentioned above. Be sure to mark the area you will be exploring on that map copy so the search teams will know where go if you do need them to look for you.

Your Bronco 4X4 is definitely a suitable vehicle for a successful off-road experience. A few upgrades will help to prepare your Bronco for some serious off-road adventures and fun. Here are some suggestions for your Early Bronco :

Steve Long of Oklahoma flexing his early Bronco. Shop Early Bronco Parts