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  • Axle wrap is a common problem in old Broncos. We have seen so-called traction bars in varying configurations. Many which don't work or cause serious ground clearance and travel reduction issues. The WH Wrap Trap is the simple answer that can help this problem.

    First allow us to explain what axle wrap is. When torque is applied to the rearend by the driveshaft, that torque is applied to the pinion yoke, which is attached to the pinion gear. As the pinion gear turns it tries to "climb" up the ring gear. All this torque rotates the entire rearend housing upward if you are going forward and down if you are in reverse. That in a nut shell is axle wrap.

    In the worst scenarios we have experienced the rear axle housing wraps until the rear driveshaft lower yoke breaks from the bind that is placed on it. The design of the Wrap Trap virtually eliminates axle wrap in forward and reverse under slow rock crawling situations. The Wrap Trap does not affect articulation because of its centered mounting position. We feel this is a must for rock crawlers who want to keep from tearing up rear drive shafts.

    Axle wrap can further be reduced with some simple maintenance like keeping the U-bolts tight. For the best axle control package, install our Extreme duty U-bolt kit with the Wrap Trap. If you are having a problem with axle wrap you will notice a big difference from the moment you install the Wrap Trap.