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Gen 6 MEGA Steering Kit SKU: 6G-2099

Gen 6 MEGA Steering Kit

Gen 6 MEGA Steering Kit

Gen 6 MEGA Steering Kit
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Product Overview:

Cheap insurance so you don't get stuck out on the trail.

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Full description

Cheap insurance so you don't get stuck out on the trail.

This kit comes with two very important upgrades you need to consider if you're going to be off-roading your Ford Bronco. The BroncBuster Tie-Rod Braces and Rack Bushing have proven to be a huge asset that help prevent rack and tie-rod failure on the trail. If you aren't ready to buy the Stage 3 Billet Housing, this kit is the next best option to ensure you won't be left stranded on the trail if things get a little too "rodeo." 

This kit also comes with two spare inner tie-rods. Boots and hardware are included. If you are running the braces, you shouldn't need to pull these out for yourself, but consider them a great backup for any of your other Bronco friends on the trail. 

Read below for more info.

Rack Bushing

With our friends at BroncBuster helping to lead the charge in providing excellent solutions to increase your Bronco's on and off-road capability, it's no surpise that when Bronco steering racks started failing, they were some of the first to come up with solid solutions.

The rack bushing was a first-of-its-kind solution that proved to be a pivitol first step in bullet-proofing your stock steering rack. Made out of an engineered plastic that is more wear-resistant than carbon steel, this little bushing is a HUGE asset to have on the trail. Not only will it help support the rack in a way that doesn't allow the rack to separate from the pinion gear, but it compensates for the geometry angle and pressure caused primarily by aftermarket lift kits combined with oversized tires. 

On top of that, the install is very simple, and can be completed without having to remove the rack.

Billet Tie-Rod Brace

The Billet Tie-Rod brace has now become a staple of off-roaders and rock crawlers looking to push their Broncos to the limits. Made of t6061 Billet Aluminum, the brace acts as a splint to help distribute the forces applied to your otherwise flimsy tie-rod. With tie-rods snapping left and right on the trail, BroncBuster came out with this product to specifically combat that mishap and provide cheap insurance off-road.

With the MADE in America mindset, you can rest assured that your tie-rods will live a long life with these braces installed. 

Tie-Rods with Boots and Hardware

Last but not least, we provide two spare tie-rods in this kit to give you that final edge on the trail. Whether for yourself or a fellow Bronco buddy who might need them, they are a great spare to carry around!

We offer several other steering kits to meet your needs. This kit is an entry kit option to help beef up your faulty stock steering components. If you want to view other kits, we offer a couple discounted bundles that will help save you some money. View our ULTIMATE Steering Package here.

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Shayne Soria
Reviewed 05/22/2022
I have installed both products on my Badlands. Have had zero issues in Moab and the rubicon. Not sure if it's the products or my driving style, but nice insurance having the upgrade parts and spares.

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