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Tailgate Silencer Kit, 66-77 Bronco SKU: 5609

Tailgate Silencer Kit, 66-77 Bronco

Tailgate Silencer Kit, 66-77 Bronco

Tailgate Silencer Kit 66-77 Bronco
Purchase Tailgate Silencer Kit, 66-77 Bronco
$74.99 SKU: 5609
Fits 66-77 Ford Bronco
22 Reviews

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Tailgate Silencer Kit

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Tailgate Silencer Kit

Tailgate Silencer Kit

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California residents: Proposition 65 Warning


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Asked by Michael Rose, May 11, 2020

Q: I purchased last year your rubber brackets. At the time I did not see the cable stops. Can I purchase the cable stops and hardware without the rubber brackets?

1 Answer

Answered by sales - May 11, 2020

A: Sure, the cable kit is found under # 5778.

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Paul Leapaldt
Reviewed 03/09/2022
Quick shipping, good price, solid product

Reviewed 11/18/2021
Looks good haven't put it on yet

Sean Albright
Reviewed 10/09/2021
Install was tricky for one side when I couldn't get the bolt to line up with the latch in the way. Can't take latch off because then you can't get that bolt back in. I striped threads a little so retapped. Also bought stainless bolts from hardware store. Once it was all together it functions well and is quiet. Nice idea and upgrade.

Reviewed 04/10/2021
This product does what it says it will do. Happy with wild horses

Jeff Goossen
Reviewed 02/04/2021
Of course my expectations were pretty high for this tailgate silencer kit but I was still blown away at the difference it made. I am overly impressed at the SILENCE. it has been one of the best ever changes I made to my '69 especially for the low cost. Get it, you will be very impressed as well.

Bradley Rupp
Reviewed 08/25/2020
Great product...I had been toying around with going to cables for as long as I can remember. Took the tailgate off to strip for paint and the pivots were hammered. This kit seemed to check a lot of boxes. Ordered the kit Sunday, showed up today (Tuesday) at 5:30 PM back in the house drinking whiskey at 6:30. Excellent upgrade. Kind of fussy getting the top bolts in, plan on removing the striker catches to get the old arms off and then re-install them before installing the cables. It's a little think-y.

Keith Lopez
Reviewed 06/09/2020
Great Product, much better than the old school tailgate hinges

Reviewed 06/04/2020
Works great, easy to install. Did exactly what I wanted. Really cut down on rattling coming from the tailgate. Still have noisy internals in the tailgate though.

Reviewed 05/26/2020
Silencer hinges,cable tailgate supports and gas shocks on the liftgate and all the rattles went away. Still not a Caddy, but made a huge difference.

Reviewed 05/16/2020
Should have bought this a while ago, not sure why it took me so long to buy this. Relatively easy to instal and what a difference in noice/rattle elimination

Kyle Pritchard
Reviewed 04/20/2020
This kit definitely did what it claims to do. I strongly recommend

Mike Kennedy
Reviewed 03/19/2019
The Tailgate Silencer Kit shipped quickly and complete. Directions were simple and understandable. The kit goes on quickly except for one of my original fasteners needed to be removed during the install and it was seized. After drilling out the screw and getting a replacement everything worked perfectly. I have multiple hours in the Bronco since and there are no rattles left from the tailgate area.

Reviewed 02/19/2019
Easy to install and works great.

Reviewed 05/04/2018

Reviewed 06/14/2017
Installation is easy, however, make sure you use penetrating oil on all fasteners. I had a snapped bolt to remove which is always fun in order to finish installation. Great product all around and it does stop the noise. Despite the pain to install - the product is great - 5 stars!

Chuck Meyer
Reviewed 08/22/2018
What a difference. Eliminated a ton of noise. Great purchase!

Reviewed 07/03/2016
This has got to be the best item ever, it installed quickly and stopped the noise on my 1972 unit... Thanks...

Reviewed 05/20/2016
Everything fit perfectly on my '71 Bronco. No more rattles from the tailgate. Would definitely recommend.

Reviewed 02/27/2016
Very easy install. Took 15 total. A lot quieter than stock set up

Reviewed 10/04/2015
I recently purchased the tailgate silencer kit, what a blessing! Wild Horses is the only supplier that offers both that cables and the silencer posts in one convenient kit. Needless to say, I am extremely satisfied with the product as the results have been very quiet and calming. Thank you.

John H
Reviewed 07/15/2015
Easy to take the original tailgate apart and install these great silencers. Nice upgrade

Reviewed 02/08/2015
I recently purchased this silencer kit and I can't believe the difference on my 73 bronco. My tailgate is completely silent while moving and using it up and down. Very satisfied. I highly recommend for your bronco!!

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