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Super Shackles, 66-77 Bronco SKU: 1091

Super Shackles, 66-77 Bronco

Super Shackles, 66-77 Bronco

Super Shackles 66-77 Bronco
Purchase Super Shackles, 66-77 Bronco
$159.99 SKU: 1091
Fits 66-77 Ford Bronco
13 Reviews

Product Overview:

Super Shackles are tig welded and plated for corrosion resistance for those high abuse environments.

Full description

Super Shackles are tig welded and plated for corrosion resistance for those high abuse environments.

Stock shackles leave something to be desired. We have seen them fail on the trail from years of use and abuse. Our new fully tig welded Super Shackles are at home in high abuse environments. They are also a work of art. They come plated for corrosion resistance and high tech look.

These shackles do NOT come with bushings.
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California residents: Proposition 65 Warning


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Kent Creighton
Reviewed 05/08/2021
Well engineered, excellent quality product. I painted them a hammered black finish, look great. Thanks

Mark Mormando
Reviewed 02/12/2020
Way beefier the the stock Ford ones. Some of the nicest welds I have seen. Fit was perfect, now to just get the rest of this trail rig together..

Reviewed 08/19/2020
Another great product from WH.

Timothy Strojny
Reviewed 07/05/2019
Great product Worth the $.

Brett Clark
Reviewed 10/30/2018
So much better than the stock set up!

Rano Wells
Reviewed 05/28/2018

Dave W.
Reviewed 01/05/2018
When I went to install new suspension system, (I bought from Wild Horses) some of the fittings would not fit on the old shackles on my 76. Ordered these and perfect fit!!

James Malone
Reviewed 02/13/2016
I was replacing some old bushings in the leaf springs and it was the perfect time to go ahead and replace the 40+ year old shackle. The product is nicely built and should last a long time.

Eric Benning
Reviewed 09/29/2015
What a great product. Beautifully made and so much easier to install then trying to press out the old busings from the old shackles. Great upgrade.

Reviewed 09/24/2014
Well constructed - a work of art!

Tim H
Reviewed 09/25/2014
These shackles fit perfectly and look outstanding. They work great with my long travel suspension.

Don Thomson
Reviewed 07/08/2013
Really well constructed, looking forward to putting to the test of the Rubicon

Reviewed 12/14/2011
Just received these shackles and they are high quality! There is absolute zero variation between the two and made of quality steel with nice welds.

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