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High Clearance HD Front Driveshaft, 66-77 Bronco - Made in USA SKU: 8578

High Clearance HD Front Driveshaft, 66-77 Bronco - Made in USA

High Clearance HD Front Driveshaft, 66-77 Bronco - Made in USA

High Clearance HD Front Driveshaft 66-77 Bronco - Made in USA
Purchase High Clearance HD Front Driveshaft, 66-77 Bronco - Made in USA
$419.95 SKU: 8578
Fits 66-77 Ford Bronco
4 Reviews
Running Length (Center U-Joint to Center U-Joint):

Product Overview:

Comes with #8582 Driveshaft Bolts.

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Comes with #8582 Driveshaft Bolts.

Our premium, high clearance early Bronco driveshafts are a testament to our commitment to quality & performance. We use only domestically sourced DOM tubing and employ full-length splines, setting our driveshafts apart from the competition. This ensures maximum spline surface contact resulting in improved durability of our drivlines.

The longer slip yoke splines offer extended travel within the slip yoke, making these 66-77 Ford Bronco drive shafts ideal for use with our long-travel suspensions. The tubing on these drive lines has a narrower diameter and thicker wall, providing valuable clearance when navigating challenging trails.

How Do Our High Clearance Driveshafts Compare to Others?

  1. Enhanced U-Joint Design: Our 1310 series U-joints feature a grease fitting conveniently located in the bearing cap, simplifying maintenance—a feature not commonly found in other products.

  2. Custom Forged Slip Yokes: Our custom-forged slip yokes offer approximately twice the strength of OE yokes. They incorporate a solid plug to prevent contaminants from infiltrating & ensure proper grease distribution.

  3. Full Length Splines: Full length, forged steel splines with wear-resistant coating. The full-length splines provide double the contact area with the slip yoke for added lifespan.

  4. Premium DOM Tubing: We exclusively use domestically sourced DOM tubing, which nearly doubles the yield and tensile strength when compared to CREW (cold-rolled electric welded) tube, reinforcing the structural integrity of our driveshafts.

  5. Top-Quality CV Components: All CV components are sourced from reputable manufacturers like Spicer, Neapco, or their affiliated companies. These components are selected to offer exceptional flexibility without compromising on strength.

As an added bonus, every drive shaft purchase includes a service tool for greasing the center pivot point of the CV assembly. Each drive shaft is delivered fully assembled with U-joints and CV joint. They come balanced and ready to install. To ensure the perfect fit, select the appropriate running length. We offer this driveshaft in 23.5 or 24.5 inch lengths measured from center joint to center joint on the transfer case and pinion yokes as the Bronco sits level.

For precise measurements and additional considerations, please refer to the measurement instructions and other valuable information on the Driveshaft Category page. If you are running Cleveland style driveshafts, you will need to purchase a new Dana Spicer style transfer case yoke.

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Jeff Smith
Reviewed 09/28/2017
Perfect fit for my C6 install, original style shaft diameter was hitting my transmission pan. I highly recommend, awesome product and warranty.

Anthony Mailman
Reviewed 12/03/2014
Made to fit perfectly. Excellent product.

Tim H.
Reviewed 08/21/2014
I have purchased both the front and rear drivelines and am very pleased with the quality and durability. Doesn't hurt to mention that these are built to WH specs by Tom Woods!

Reviewed 06/11/2014
Outstanding service and products

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