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Extreme Duty Lower Coil Spring Cups, 66-77 Bronco SKU: 1088

Extreme Duty Lower Coil Spring Cups, 66-77 Bronco

Extreme Duty Lower Coil Spring Cups, 66-77 Bronco

Extreme Duty Lower Coil Spring Cups 66-77 Bronco
Purchase Extreme Duty Lower Coil Spring Cups, 66-77 Bronco
$89.99 SKU: 1088
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Product Overview:

EX Duty Coil Spring Cups. One piece design for ease of installation and strength.

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EX Duty Coil Spring Cups. One piece design for ease of installation and strength.

Our Extreme duty coil cups give some significant advantages over stock and other after market cups. The design allows for extra coil travel and a much more solid retaining of the coil than the stock cups. The single piece cup/retainer allows for a simple installation. Just bolt the cup down and screw the coil in place. WH coil cups are robotically welded 360 degrees adding rigidity and strength to the part. They are zinc plated for corrosion resistance. They will fit 66-79 Broncos and solid axle Ford trucks using C-bushings. Comes with hardware.
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Asked by Pete D, December 2, 2019

Q: I have the older, heavier, larger diameter linear coils. What is the inside diameter of the cup, and do you think my springs will fit under the fixed spring strap/retainer?

1 Answer

Answered by sales - December 4, 2019

A: The inside diameter of the cup is 5 5/8 and the strap will accept up to about an 11/16 or .712 bar.

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Asked by Anonymous, July 29, 2016

Q: Can I use the factory center spring retainer with your cups?

1 Answer

Answered by sales - July 29, 2016

A: No, our coil cups replace the whole stock setup. The new coil cup has a welded strap to retain the coil spring.

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Roger Fender
Reviewed 01/20/2022
Shipping was very quick. Fit and finish was great. Thanks

Lucas Carlson
Reviewed 04/14/2021
I was going to order stock spring perches, then back them up with some quarter inch plate, but now I don't have to. These things are beefy, with the bottom piece made out of 1/4" plate. They have great spring retainers, but be sure to rotate the spring enough to really make sure they'll keep the spring in place. I rotated mine 180 past the end of the spring. I have a 3.5" lift and the springs bow a little, but it the holes on the bottom are offset so you can position them forwards or backwards for less bow. Wild horses has the best customer service I've ever seen and I would buy these again, especially because they're cheaper than stock perches.

Donald McConnell
Reviewed 12/28/2020
Great product, makes changing out coil springs trouble free.

Reviewed 04/04/2018
Spring cups are heavy duty with one of the mounting holes slotted for easy alignment installation I also like the added feature of the coil spring retainer and the cups are galvanized raw steel so you can color coat to your preference.

Reviewed 01/03/2017
These things aren't going anywhere. Very nice

Reviewed 02/25/2016
Really nice and tough. However, the addition of this cup has made my 5.5 inch wildhorses springs bow tremendously. The ONLY way to fix this is to go back to stock or in this case, buy some drop down radius brackets.

Reviewed 01/23/2016
These cups are very well made and seem pretty invincible. The problem is that they change the architecture of how the spring connects to the radius arm, and especially with the soft springs and 4.5" lift gave me a very noticeable spring bow. They sit a little too far forward. The only way I could minimize the bow was to go back to the stock style lower spring cups. These were a good idea but in the end were a waste of my money. Gets 2 stars for at least being well made.

Reviewed 01/10/2016
Works great

Reviewed 10/08/2015
I got a set of these cups for my bronco. Mounting hardware was included which is always a plus. Fast shipping, good looking product. Would definitely buy again.

Reviewed 09/25/2015
We appreciate the Great customer service and the quality products from Wild Horses!

Reviewed 07/08/2015
Great pieces. Definetly a step up from the stock cups functionally and they look great too!

Reviewed 06/17/2015
Installed them. Look good have not gone out offroad yet to see how they do.

Reviewed 06/01/2015
I have not run the extream spring cups yet but they look well build and love the simple design.

Reviewed 06/01/2015
My old spring cups were so saggy they looked like they were about to fall right off of the axle. The new ones appear to be very well made and will likely never need to be replaced again.

Reviewed 04/06/2015
Easy to install and they look great! Installed with 3.5 WH springs. When installing make sure to twist coil as much as possible into retainer before pushing coil into upper spring perch.

Reviewed 03/18/2015
I have bought a few parts through wild horses and everything fits right there is NO modification needed with the parts you buy here. Thanks for the great products wild horses

Reviewed 11/15/2014
Very nice kit

Reviewed 10/05/2014
I received my order in just a few days and I'm very satisfied with the quality. These are much stronger than the stock. And the installation took only 1/2 hour.

Reviewed 09/04/2014
This is a must have if your stock cups are bent or cracked. These also helped to straighten out my coils

Tim H.
Reviewed 08/21/2014
These cups work great with my long travel setup and allow the coils to sit flat instead of bowing.

Reviewed 06/02/2014
Haven't installed these yet, but the quality and ruggedness appear to be excellent. If my 46yr old stock pieces can do the job, these will certainly get the job done.

Cole M
Reviewed 01/25/2014
I've been dealing with those bent and worn out stock coil cups since I bought my bronco. These new cups are straight, and won't bend. They are a must for every bronco.

Silver stallion
Reviewed 04/25/2013
Neccesity for any long arm setup, factory lower cups just don't cut it

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