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Door Hinge Rebuild Kit, 66-77 Ford Bronco SKU: 6501

Door Hinge Rebuild Kit, 66-77 Ford Bronco

Door Hinge Rebuild Kit, 66-77 Ford Bronco

Door Hinge Rebuild Kit 66-77 Bronco
Purchase Door Hinge Rebuild Kit, 66-77 Ford Bronco
$29.99 SKU: 6501
Fits 66-77 Ford Bronco
10 Reviews

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Door Hinge Rebuild Kit

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Door Hinge Rebuild Kit

Door Hinge Rebuild Kit

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California residents: Proposition 65 Warning


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Asked by kelly, May 17, 2016

Q: Can i just buy the slevees

1 Answer

Answered by sales - May 18, 2016

A: Only complete kits are available.

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Robert Nienke
Reviewed 04/23/2022
Once I got the hinges apart, installing the kits was simple enough. Wouldn't want to do it without a drill press or mill to enlarge the hole for the bushing.

William Taylor
Reviewed 07/12/2018
This was a perfect way to fix my doors without spending a lot of money for new hinges.

Reviewed 12/04/2017
Door hinge kit worked great! Installed the pins and bushings. Doors open and close smoothly and no longer sag!

Cj Mickes
Reviewed 09/01/2017
Helps those sagging doors

Mike George
Reviewed 06/03/2017
my original hinges were not that bad, most of the wear was in the pins. all i used were the pins in the kit. I trimmed the length a little, but they otherwise fit good and tight. the wall thickness of the supplied bushings pretty big, Drilling out the hinge to accept the bushing would have left only about .020 of original steel, in other words, there would have been very little metal left. other hinges might be different, but that's how they would have fit mine. All said, the repair worked out good for me, had my hinges been much looser than they were, I would have replaced them entirely.

Reviewed 10/05/2014
Repair kit was very simple to install. Saved considerable amount of money vs buying new hinges

Reviewed 08/07/2013
Make sure you drill out the hinges nice and straight. Makes a big difference.

Reviewed 01/25/2013
Great product, easy to install and made a world of difference.

G.R. Gibbs
Reviewed 04/10/2012
Accurate parts with no gimmicks added. Fast parts arrival.

Burnt orange
Reviewed 11/23/2011
The hinge rebuild kit worked great,excellent support

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