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How to Fix Early Bronco Lean WILD HORSES Crew Spotlight Patrick Teixeira Sales & Customer Service

My name is Patrick Teixeira and I have been with Wild Horses sense June of 2021. I have been working in the automotive industry for the better part of 10 years and it all started when my dad and I did a motor and transmission swap on a '72 FJ40 back when I was in high school.

After high school I got my first diesel and with the help of forms and YouTube I quickly went from just doing general maintenance to swapping turbos and adding go fast parts.

I learned about Wild Horses when my good friend invited me to the 2021 Roundup where we took his '78 Bronco. After spending the day walking around the shop, looking at all the Broncos at the event, and seeing all the different directions people took there builds I thought that Horses would be a really great place to work. During the awards ceremony at the end of the day the staff at Wild Horses mentioned they were looking for another sales person. I figured I had the customer service skills and the automotive knowledge that I should go for that sales spot.

It seems like every day I learn something new about these iconic vehicles and get the opportunity to help a community of people who want to see the Bronco live on forever.

Steve Long of Oklahoma flexing his early Bronco. Shop Early Bronco Body Lifts