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How to Fix Early Bronco Lean WILD HORSES Crew Spotlight Matt Marion Technical Expert

Matt grew up around cars. His uncle and grandpa were constantly in the garage doing something to one of their vehicles. Matt was encouraged to watch and help by handing tools and parts when requested, and turning wrenches when possible. When he turned 16, he bought his first car and immediately began doing his own maintenance and repairs. He rarely kept a car more than a year. He has owned many vintage VW's, among other imports and Domestic vehicles.. In the process, he learned to do body work and suspension, and just about anything else that came up.

At 18, Matt's mom offered him a job working at the auto shop that she managed installing and repairing suspension systems for all types of vehicles. One of his friends became convinced that Matt could fix anything. So, when he heard WILD HORSES was looking for a customer service representative who had a mechanical background, he immediately told Jim that this was the man to hire. So in 2013, Matt was invited to work at WILD HORSES.

Matt built a 1973 Bronco during his time at WH. We hear it ended up in TX. He took a cut up 73 and put it back to uncut using our body panels. He did many upgrades to make it a great daily driver. The last big project was a 1967 Ford Econoline van. Matt added Holley Sniper fuel injection, changed the 3 speed manual to an AOD, and many other upgrades.

Matt enjoys taking his family on outdoor activities such as camping and bicycle riding. He also plays the guitar and enjoys music.

Steve Long of Oklahoma flexing his early Bronco. Shop Early Bronco Body Lifts