Door Parts


66-77 Bronco doors all look pretty much the same from the outside however, there are some notable differences. Early 66 doors are easily identified by the lock cylinder being located directly under the outer door handle. Later 66-77's locate the lock cylinder about 5" under the outer door handle just below the body line. 66-67 doors use a different door latch and striker plate than the newer 68-77's. These can be identified by the round striker and latch (66-67) as opposed to the oval striker and latch (68-77). The striker post of the body is also molded differently because of the different striker/latch combination on the 66-67 doors. The 66-67 doors will not interchange with later model doors unless you also change the strikers. The strikers are located in different positions, so body work is required. 66-67 doors also use different arm rests, window cranks, inner door handles, inner latch controls and door panels. 66-68 doors came with factory removable window frames. You simply unbolt the frame and wing window and pull it out of the top of the door. In 1969, Ford began welding the frames in place. This stayed the same from then on. There were many different interior door panels including Sport, Ranger and Explorer in many interesting colors.