76-77 Y-style Steering Linkage

76-77 Ford Bronco Y-style Tie Rods & Drag Link

For the 76-77 Ford Bronco year models, Ford included disc brakes and changed the tie rod and drag link assembly to what is known as the "Y" style. In this style of early Bronco steering linkage, the tie rod attaches from the driver's side steering knuckle to the drag link while the drag link attaches from the passenger side steering knuckle all the way to the pitman arm.

We have found the 76-77 Bronco Y-style steering linkage can be difficult to source without providing added benefits. For a stronger, more versatile steering linkage assembly on your Bronco, we suggest our 76-77 Ford Bronco 3-way Adjustable Steering Linkage Upgrade Kit. or for the ultimate heavy duty steering linkage solution, pick up a Clydesdale Tie Rod & Drag Link Set for 76-77 Ford Bronco.