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Early Bronco Knowledge Base Explore more early Bronco tech and history articles in the WILD HORSES Early Bronco Knowledge Base. Return to Base Stock Early Bronco in Nature Early Bronco Knowledge Base Basic Early Bronco Engine Tech For the 1966 year model, Ford introduced the Bronco with the 170 inline 6-cylinder engine. Later the same year, they added the optional 289 V8.

In 1969, the 289 was replaced with the 302 V8 which remained the engine of choice until Ford discontinued production of the early Bronco.

The 170 6-cylinder was replaced in 1970 with the 200 inline 6-cylinder and then discontinued in 1972.

The most common engine swap for the early Bronco is the 351W V8. It is, for the most part, a direct bolt-in replacement for the smaller V8s.
Steve Long of Oklahoma flexing his early Bronco. Shop Early Bronco Engine Parts