Leaf Spring Kit 4"

Item #: 791130
Kit includes Flexi-Master 4" Leaf Springs, Urethane Spring & Shackle Bushing Kit, and an Extreme Duty U-Bolt Kit.

Fits 78-79 Ford Bronco


Leaf Spring Kit for Full Size Ford Broncos includes Flexi-Master 4" Leaf Springs, Urethane Spring & Shackle Bushing Kit, and an Extreme Duty U-Bolt Kit.

View the second image above to see the following features of our leaf spring. We were after three things when we designed our Flex-Master leaf springs. First, strength is very important so we chose a nine leaf spring ( 1 ) with Berlin eyes ( 2 ) on both ends and we upgraded to a 7/16" center pin ( 3 ). We have found the stock 3/8" pins inadequate for today's wheeling. Slight clearancing on the stock spring wedge is necessary with the new center pins.

Next, we wanted flexibility. This is achieved by the progressive design. We have also added UHMW polyethylene tip inserts ( 4 ) and galvanized liners ( 5 ) to provide separation for less friction and smoother operation.

Lastly, practical spring function is enhanced with a double wrap front eye ( 6 ) for safety. We included a flat mounting surface ( 7 ) which allows for a non-preloaded installation and proper match to axle mounting surface. Strategically located riveted bolt clips ( 8 ) are used to keep springs in line and assist in dampening axle wrap.

The force and stress placed on stock components by off-roading is enormous. Our extreme duty u-bolt kits are one of our latest products made to hold up under the stress of off-road activities. We noticed that we were bending the stock u-bolt plates so we set out to build some that could take abuse. We also noticed the stock 9/16" u-bolts are pretty weak. It may seem kind of simple to take a piece of thick metal and drill some holes. We have seen these types of plates. The problem is the edge of a plate like this causes a ridged pressure point and can cause the spring to break at that point. We invested in tooling that routers the edge of our plates. In doing so we are able to keep a stock type edge which complements the spring when it's articulating. Every part of our U-bolt kit is zinc plated for looks and corrosion protection.

These U-Bolts are a must have for trail runners and rock crawlers. Keep your rear axle and springs mounted solid!
Leaf Spring Kit 4"
Item #: 791130

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