HI Volume Steering Pump w/Pulley



HI Volume Steering Pump with Pulley
The demands placed upon the steering pump while rock crawling are excessive to say the least. We run 35s or larger tires at 7 lbs. and with the motor at idle we would want the steering to be easy right? We want our steering pumps to perform beyond their capabilities. So what do you do when you exceed the capabilities of common pumps? Many of us then add ram assist. That helped, but some still had problems, especially at idle. The pump's capabilities were taxed even more because now we needed additional volume to operate the ram.

The answer is simple. You need a pump capable of moving more volume at idle. You also need a pump which can stay immersed in fluid under extreme conditions. Our new high volume pump system will do just that. These were designed with ram assist and Hydro boost brake users in mind, but we have people who have upgraded with only the pump system and report dramatic improvement in ease of steering. We use all brand new parts in our high volume systems. These pumps displace approximately 1/3 more fluid per revolution than our regular HD units. The pump is kept continuously immersed in fluid by a high capacity, filtered, remote reservoir system adding an additional pint of steering fluid to the system. This helps the system run cooler and will increase the life of the steering components.

Our newest Hi volume power steering systems features dual return ports in the remote reservoir. These allow better flow in the hydraulic system. The new vented, billet, large mouth, screw on cap looks and functions better than previous styles. The reservoir uses a replaceable filter to help keep contaminates out of you hydraulic system.

Replacement filters are available.

If you are using a stock 73-77 Power steering pressure hose, you will need this fitting (F2463).

You must have a pump bracket capable of mounting a delphi/saginaw style pump. If you don't, add our Power Steering Pump Bracket (2039) to this kit.

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
HI Volume Steering Pump w/Pulley
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extreme power streering box
Nov 24, 2017  |  By William Brown
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excellent fit and finish. works as describe, even with the hydroboost brakes

Awesome pump
Aug 29, 2016  |  By Fred
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Easy install , only had to fab up one bracket. Has plenty on pressure and volume to run hydro boost brakes, power steering , and a steering ram. Also no whining that fords are known for.

Hi Volume pump
Jul 2, 2014  |  By racetra
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I was running a completely stock pump setup. It got tired of trying to turn the 35in tires. After talkin to Johnny at Wild Horses I went with this set up. You might have to fab up some brackets for you installation but this setup works excellent. Thanks again!